The best iptv has many promises as a service that has emerged as a result of the creation of telecommunication fields. Some of these promises are for consumers, some for publishers, for content whizzers and advertisers, and some for telecommunication operators. There are promises as interaction with consumers, an environment free from discrimination between publishers, more stringent copyright protection to content whammers, a clear understanding of consumers watching content for advertisers, and a new medium to increase the profitability of telecommunications operators. Another expectation is that the future of the IPTV platform is the perception of the future. Historically, however, various communication technologies have been presented as technologies of the future, but it has been seen that these technologies have never been born or that the taste has not spread as well as the expectation for a short time. One of the typical examples of this oil is the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN - BHSA), whose standards were completed in the 1970s. The BHSA is presented as a basis for the information society, but as standards have been improved and billions of dollars have been spent on every kind of engineering design, the key BHSA has not spread as expected.

In this study, the best actors in the process of formation, the diffusion process in the countries in which the service is offered, the arrangements of local and international organizations, and the reciprocal of these are presented as the technology of the future that emerges from the new communication technologies and the traditional media tools. it has been searched whether it is one of the technologies that will be "raffled" in the framework of the interaction. Features of IPTV IPTV is one of the sequences that enables interactive publishing with professional content on IP based networking. As a result of the focus of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) focus, IPTV will provide IPTV, quality of service / quality of experience (QoS / QoE), security, interaction and reliability at the required level is defined as multimedia services that provide the distribution of audio / video / audio / text / graphics / data over IP based networks that are managed in the same way.1 It is the content of the content of one of the biggest dimensions as the data size from the content that is mentioned in this definition. It is stated that this distribution should be at a similar level with the experience of using quality2 and other instrumental content distribution sequences to be followed in commonly used instrumentation devices. In network devices managed by the telecommunication operator in the IPTV system, it is possible to present both quality guarantee and quality of experience with the prioritization of the IPTV content delivery network and the use of multicast technology. In the home of the viewer, the IPTV service is distributed to the set-top device via the modem device, and the Internet service is also distributed to the computer and smart devices, while VoIP (Voice over IP) service is provided. In the IPTV system, only the content to be watched is delivered to the set-top device. This allows the viewer to know exactly what content the viewer is following and, accordingly, an interactive structure can be established.